Probiotics For Animals

Conklin Fastrack products

Conklin® Fastrack® The first natural preventive health program for animals

Over twenty-five years ago, visionary Conklin researcher Dr. Eugene Stearns developed the first animal probiotic to improve the health and performance of food-producing animals. His ALL NATURAL formula of beneficial bacteria, yeast culture, and enzymes resulted in greater milk, meat, and poultry production when fed – and became Conklin’s‘SIGNATURE PRODUCT,’Fastrack Microbial Pack.

Fastrack has gained industry recognition for continuous formulation improvement, which formed the basis of our comprehensive program of species-specific Fastrack products covering the entire Life Cycle.

A progressive array of gels, boluses, microbial packs, and supplements now make up a line of products for the newborn through senior years that:

  • enhance immune response to pathogen challenge and stressFASTRACK Live Help Call To Order
  • general health maintenance
  • production
  • performance
  • digestion
  • reproductive and physiological needs of all animals

How Direct-Fed Microbials Work

Read this article about the role of Direct-Fed Microbials (Probiotics) in Calf Diets, from the Bovine Alliance on Management and Nutrition.

Get your animals on the “Fastrack” to a more productive Life Cycle.


One response to “Probiotics For Animals

  1. brittonbrownenterprises

    April 1, 2014 at 12:34 am

    Michele, it’s a different formula. Are you using Fastrack Microbial Pack (paper bag) or is it the Fastrack Equine Pack (pale)? Big difference for sure.


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